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Architecture, urban design, planning and project visioning consultant based in Jakarta

JOSO is an architecture, urban design, planning and project visioning consultant based in Jakarta. JOSO was founded on August 2013 by Thoat Fauzi, Fathurrohman HM, Fathony MH, and Kelik Satriya Y. JOSO's team consists of young professionals with creative and idealistic minds to look for and create solutions for environment and urban design problem.
JOSO is also won many national design competition, such as Museum PDRI Sumatera Barat, Green hospital RS prof DR Soeharso Surakarta, Masterplan and gerbang kota MakassarMaros. JOSO's mission is to deliver exceptional design ideas and solutions for our clients through the creative blending of human need, environmental stewardship, value creation, science and art.

JOSO projects endlessly evolve through its practice, which does not impersonate common convention. It works always based on specific approach rather than predetermined style.
The goal is to create specific buildings that harmoniously connected to its context and function. JOSO believe that intensive dialogue is a solid foundation to support this approach. By continuously creating mutual working environment between clients, consultants and builders, they create an excellent design process to achieve best value of program, budget an architectural quality. JOSO commited to excellence in design and to serving our clients with unique solutions